Who I am & what I do

As an architecture student in art school, I discovered a passion for concept design and helping others. I strive to give meaning to my work and help others in creating their vision.

I believe many social problems can be solved using creativity, research and persistence. Studying Spatial Design at the art academy of Utrecht, Netherlands, I acquired multiple design and presentation skills as well as well as an own style and vision on what design should contribute to the world. 

I create sustainable, social and modern designs using contrasts, green materials and research. My dream is to do research and work on designs for sustainable architecture, temporary living spaces and emergency shelters.

I’ve both worked with starting businesses as well as established brands, did non-profit work for an NGO helping refugees in France and designed the branding for a sustainable straw company.


Get in touch

Having questions about my work, a collaboration or something else? Please let me know!

I am based in Utrecht, Netherlands, but am willing to work internationally. You can contact me via or fill in this form: