Marije van der Wal

Spatial design, graphic design & photography

Designing connections between people, spaces and design. Human interest, social- and sustainable design are my top interests.

Architecture from a creative perspective

Architecture & interior design. Keeping human scale, sustainability and social issues in mind, I create concepts for user-friendly and future-friendly spaces.

Clean quality designwork

Branding, identity, print & webdesign. Telling stories and making connections through design.

Telling stories

Portraits, parties, products & more. Telling stories without words.

And what is my story?

As an architecture student in art school, I discovered a passion for concept design, sustainability and social design. I strive to give meaning to my work and help others in creating their vision.

I believe many social problems can be solved using creativity, research and persistence. Read more…


Get in touch

Having questions about my work, a collaboration or something else? Please let me know!